Business Technology Solutions Has Joined Net@Work, A Top Worldwide Sage Software Business Partner

We remain committed to you and working together to achieve your goals. Rest assured that all the voices and faces you've come to know and trust will still be here to respond to your needs.

The BTS team may continue to be reached at the existing BTS main phone number 919-781-2900. As well, we can all be reached via our existing email addresses.

This is a big win for our valued clients. With our combined teams we can now offer you expanded services and support, providing a true advisor for all your IT initiatives.

Business Technology Solutions



At Business Technology Solutions, we understand that to operate your business effectively using business solutions/systems requires a supporting computer and network infrastructure.  We realize that often information technology and networking can be confusing and frustrating – taking focus away from the important task of running your business.  Software solutions along with the supporting information technology are key contributors to the success of your organization, but cannot be allowed to turn into distractions.  Through our technology services offerings these distractions are minimized by our team of professionals who bring a depth of experiences in technology management across a diverse range of small and medium sized organization.

Our approach is to apply in your business similar structure and principals that are used to effectively run the IT departments of businesses with multiple locations.  Based on this fundamental view we bring to each engagement consistent practices creating leverage across the client base with the intent to ultimately contain costs and improve performance.  Our focus is on creating offerings established on prevention versus break fix.  In doing so your success is our success and in addition you are provided with a breadth of knowledge from an experienced professional team at a fraction of the cost of internal support.

Our services are structured so that we can work with to supplement existing resources.  We may work with your internal staff or another outside vendor to fill out the skills needed to support your business.


Network Reviews


Prior to any of our business solutions implementations or offering of additional technology services we believe it is a must to perform an assessment of a client’s computing hardware and network environment.  To focus on your specific needs we offer a layered set of assessments. 


Application Network System Review:

The purpose of this review is to determine if the existing environment will support the applications to be implemented.  We review your environment and provide a written summary of our findings including any recommendations relative to the support of the applications.  Such recommendations may include a description of what is necessary to meet minimum application requirements,  what would be preferred configurations for a higher level of satisfaction, what system parameters or security settings need to be implemented and potentially other very high level recommendations.


Technology Evaluation:

The main purpose of this evaluation is to determine the effectiveness of your current network environment, provide solid recommendations for enhancing the environment and to assist you with developing a time phased plan for implementing changes you decide to make.  The evaluation can become the foundation for the initiation of specific technology projects and/or for establishing an ongoing support arrangement with Business Technology Solutions.  This evaluation can be incremental to a Network System Review or stands on its own when new applications are not entering the environment.


Technology Analysis:

This analysis is a deep dive into your network infrastructure, practices and design.  As output you receive a more detailed set of evaluation information and recommendations supported by network diagrams, as well as, an IT asset inventory.  This analysis is intended to be the basis for an effective technology plan and control.  You can move forward on your own with this information or engage our team to help you design a plan that will meet the goals you set. 


Support Plans


We offer a suite of technology services support plans designed to meet the needs of your particular set of circumstances.  Through a support plan you can reasonably predict your IT spending over time.  You know upfront that only predefined situations will cause fluctuations in your costs and even then it is merely incremental to an already established set of deliverable services.  You are part of the decision selecting what routine support you want available and what you are willing to accept in fluctuation. 

The support plans are structured to be the foundation of servicing your IT environment.  The plans are further supplemented by specific project engagements or predetermined blocks of hours to continually update and evolve your IT capabilities. With our suite of services, you have available a great deal of flexibility to fit your unique needs.




Technology Planning


Technology planning services take many forms and span various durations of planning horizons.  Several of our consultants have practical experience leading IT organizations and bring a wealth of talent to engagements.  We can assist you in creating or updating a technology plan including a time phased approach to implementing the decisions you have made.   Our planning services span from specific plan advise to our interim IT Director/Manager Services, which provide periodic access to an IT management professional for the purpose of planning, periodic guidance and implementation advice.




Project Oriented Engagements


Engagements for specific projects range across a variety of situations including such things as network design, network implementation, supplemental staff support, technology asset inventory, network documentation and other forms of services that are to be accomplished over a specific period of time.  When outside the area of our expertise we will inform you and provide guidance on how to select the appropriate vendor or service provider.  Under these conditions we can also serve as a resource to your internal project manager.


Block of Hour Resources


Often our clients want to utilize services on a periodic basis without individual approval or invoicing.  We offer a program of prepaid blocks of hours that you designate can be used by certain staff members for specific purposes.  Our clients find this a convenient method for getting sporadic needs met that arise in the normal course of business.


Combinations and Bundles


Bundled together in combination our offerings can provide even greater value to provide services for your specific needs.  Often starting with a review we can discuss with you how to take full advantage of our offerings to meet your organization's unique strategies and needs.




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