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Business Technology Solutions


JobOps is a suite of Job Shop Tracking Software modules for the Sage Software MAS 90 and MAS 200 ERP software. Used by small business manufacturing, project based and service/repair companies, it is designed to manage operations, workflow and costing of jobs or projects. Industries served by JobOps include custom manufacturing, small business manufacturing, on-site installation and construction, depot and field service repairs, contractors, project management and anyone who needs to track the costs of labor, materials, and outside services while scheduling resources to meet required completion dates.





Providing a quote to your prospective customer quickly is part of what helps you win the business.  Accurately calculating the cost of the job before determining your selling price is what keeps you profitable.  With the JobOps Product Configurator and the ability to copy from similar estimates or completed jobs, it is possible to quickly determine the detailed cost of material, labor and outside labor without sacrificing the response time needed to get the quote to your customer.






If you offer custom products or services, then the difficulty of how to fulfill that order is very real to you. JobOps combines the steps of entering the sales order and creating the work order in a simple method that eliminates having to enter this information twice. Better yet, if the order is from a JobOps estimate, then JobOps can convert the quote to an order without entering anything new into the system.  Even better yet, your customer can use the Product Configurator on-line to enter their own custom orders!




Job Planning


Job Planning is that important step between when you receive an order and when you begin the work for the job.  JobOps smooths this transition by automatically notifying the group responsible for checking the order for accuracy before releasing the job for work so that mistakes do not eat away at expected margins.  If changes are necessary, they can be tracked so that when the job is finished, you will be able to see the original estimate, revisions made by the planners, and also the actual costs that were incurred.






Having materials available when needed is critical to meeting the planned work schedule.  Overstocking raw materials may eliminate shortages, but is very costly.  JobOps automates the purchasing process by creating a list of everything you need, consolidating materials from multiple jobs into a single PO and automatically creating the PO to your primary vendor using your price breaks. Each material item on the PO will show the date that the job needs it.  When the materials are received, they are received directly to the jobs they were ordered for.






On-time deliveries!  In a make-to-order environment, you need to figure out how to ship on time with limited resources. When the schedule is overloaded, the two options today are overtime or late deliveries.  With JobOps Enhanced Scheduling, jobs are loaded into your schedule per your requirements – backward from the due date, forward from today’s date, infinitely or finitely.  The graphical schedule board alerts you to potential problems and provides “what it?” and “drag’n’drop” tools to let you correct the capacity issues without creating new scheduling conflicts.






Do your customers ever call to see if their job will be done on time? Does management want to see potential cost overruns before the job is already done?  Is your inventory count inaccurate because materials were issued to a job, but not recorded until the job is finished? JobOps provides for real-time collection of labor and material usage. Using bar-codes or Internet access, this information immediately updates job costs and completion status.  Management can have alerts by e-mail for cost overruns and customers can see the status of their job on-line!




Field Service


Field repairs and services offered by your company require quick response times to service calls as well as being able to track time and materials against revenue.  JobOps unique Dispatch Board (along with standard JobOps Job Management capabilities to track labor, parts, and warranties) makes simple work of offering contracted maintenance, preventative maintenance and creating new service tickets.  It also provides for the unique billing requirements of service – warranted at no cost, exception billing, fixed billing rates, contracted hourly billing rates, and billable expenses.


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